Editing Services

I specialize in nonfiction and scholarly work: books, articles, and reports.

Copy Editing: Detailed, line-by-line work on a book or publication. When copy editing, I pay special attention to grammar and clarity of wording, in addition to watching for spelling and punctuation errors. Copy editing is also the best time to make sure a text conforms to a publisher’s or organization’s style guidelines.

Proofreading: That essential final look at a book or publication before it is sent to the printer (or goes live). When proofreading, I watch for typos, misspellings, punctuation problems, extra spaces, awkward hyphenation, and formatting issues, as well as any grammar, style, or wording problems that managed to sneak through previous editing rounds.


Send me an email if you are interested in discussing a project. Rates are similar to those published in the Editorial Freelancers Association’s rate chart, although they will vary based on type of writing, amount of editing needed, and turnaround time.